Strategy and Planning

You will sit down with us and share your vision. Together we will discuss and finalize the development methodology and process. This helps both parties to gain confidence in the project pathway. This will help us to create a framework for our project and prioritize the unique customer requirements.



Discovering the Client Requirements

Share your vision with us; knowing precisely what you want will help us create the best solution for you.

Planning the Optimal Solutions

Thinking, “What is the best way to develop this App?” then evaluate and layout a creative design.

Discussing the Features and Functionality

To make sure that we address all your feature requirements in our application development plan.

Review and Revise the Design Plan

We will discuss and review the system design to incorporate your needs to create a viable product.


Design and Review

Once the requirements planning is done, we will require approval from the client to start the storyboard and wireframe designs. We will review and seek client feedback to ensure we meet the customer requirement scope. Throughout the project’s progress, you will be kept informed by our project manager.



Doing Information and Architecture Workflows

Sort of a pre-design stage, where we create architecture workflows to validate the expected functionality of the Application.

Gather and Prioritize Feedback for Modules

We will share the problems and wins we faced during the workflow design stage. So, you are in the know.

Incorporate the Feedback onto the Modules

Our Developers will start incorporating your feedback and our solutions to the modules and create the final design.

Wireframes, Mock-Ups, And Prototype

Creating the final set of wireframes to include the now complete design plans creating a visual concept and design.


Development and Testing

The application will be built in Agile Sprints. At the end of each sprint, a build will be released. The prototype testing will begin on those released builds of the prototype. The client will have complete visibility on each development step. Once the user testing is completed, the UAT will need to be signed off by the client. 



Define the Technical Architecture

Create detailed technical specifications to guarantee that the visual designs and interactive prototypes are workable.

App Development and Programming

The programming will take place in sprints. At the end of each sprint, a build is released, and testing will start taking place.

Running App-specific Tests and Doing Case Development

QA team starts running tests and recording the results to help with quality evaluation and tracking to help with retesting.

UX, Functional, Performance, and Security Testing

User experience testing will help be the firsthand experience of your app. This determines whether the final implementation meets your requirement.


Implementation and Marketing

Our experts will be available for you to get assistance on the deployment plan as well. We will deploy your application with unified marketing activity rollouts and help you with application maintenance support. We believe that end-to-end product development is the key to a successful project.



Submitting the Application to the App Stores

To release your application, we need to go through a review process for Apple App Store and run user testing as part of the process.

Preparing the Metadata for Submission

We create the case logs with Title, Description, Category, Keywords, Launch Icon, and Screenshots for the app store listing.

Review Process and Initial Launch

Complete user testing and submit revisions as needed to complete the initial submission process.

App Marketing Strategy Implementation

We are implementing a marketing plan with our SEO services to reach out to the masses with the news of your new application.