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In 2021 mobile apps are predicted to generate over $600 billion via app store purchases. And especially with the recent twist of fate of the world, mobility will become the next utility for all organizations alike, whether you are a fortune 500 or a start-up in stealth mode. While almost everyone wants to get into the trend and play in the big leagues, many get confused and lose the run, which is why we encourage you to talk to our experts of ElleApps mobile app development in Tampa, FL. 

We will hold your hand through the development process to make sure you can get your idea into realization. The mobile app market is very competitive. There can be a dozen other ideas similar to the one you have. However, the common the idea can be, the app’s success is decided on how popular it gets among the users. Even on the same concept apps, there is a preferred app among many. ElleApps team is the most dedicated team you would find for mobile app development in Tampa, FL. We value communication the most. We will sit down and strategize your app idea with you. We will understand the features you want and the scope of the application. Our analysts will then draw up a design plan and run the project by you to make sure you know what we are.


Analysis and Planning of your Mobile App Development in Tampa, FL

Once our ElleApps team of mobile app development in Tampa, FL, has gathered your requirement, the team will get into the analysis and planning stage. We will prepare a product timeline, prioritized to meet the production, and launch timeline that you desire. However, once the project scope is set up, we will then create the project milestones. By this time, you should have realized why we are the best mobile app development in Tampa, FL. We will be keeping the clients notified of any and every development of their project. Communication is critical; based on the service level you decide to engage in, we will also give you a dedicated Project Manager contact person from whom to get on-demand updates. At the planning and analysis stage, our analysts would identify the skill requirements to build your mobile app development in Tampa, FL. And at ElleApps, we are proud to say that we have a team of 70 developers skilled in iOS, Android, React Native development. 


Mobile App Design Stage

An app must be developed to produce a seamless and effortless user experience. An App needs to be liked and used by many users to be successful. And at ElleApps mobile app development in Tampa, FL, these are the key focus areas when designing your UI/UX designs. We initially start with sketches. Then move on to building wireframes of the designs. Wireframes are where the concept of the application comes to life. When creating wireframes, the majority of the focus is on the aesthetics of the mobile app development. And at this stage, we develop the app keeping each user in mind. To ensure that across the devices, they get the same experience of using our application. 


Development, Deployment, and Marketing Support

Unlike many firms that do mobile app development in Tampa, FL, ElleApps provides you with an end-to-end solution. We are known for our SEO services. We will use our SEO teams to ensure that your mobile app can reach the populace with minimum effort from you. Once the development and deployment are done, generally, an app developer’s work is done. But with ElleApps, we have extended services to ensure that your app gets the best market share within no time. Our SEO teams will work on optimizing the marketing and support for your application so that you can rest easy knowing that the experts of mobile app development in Tampa, FL, are taking care of your application launch and marketing as well.


Why should you partner with ElleApps for your next mobile app development project in Tampa FL

1. Communication

We will update you on the development progress or any concerns or disputes of the project every step of the way. You will be 100% in the know.

2. Our Lips are Sealed

Our team will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your app idea stays that way, as yours’. The agreement will be signed as the first step once the hiring decision is made.

3. Custom Hiring Models

We know very well that the team dynamic needs to be customized to match the project requirement. Hiring will be done once the project requirement is finalized.

4. On-time Delivery

This is a promise we make. Our priority and focus will be your project, and the deliverables and accountabilities are communicated across the board to make sure everyone is on board with reaching the timeline.

5. Agile Development

Our highly skilled application developers evolve through the requirements and solutions with collaboration between self-organized and cross-functional teams.

6. Seamless Development

Creating a design to meet all the client requirements and keeping it practical and user-friendly is our task. At Elle Apps, we have experienced working with several industries as well.

7. Free Consultation

Before you hire the Elle Apps team, talk to one of our team leads for 60 minutes to guarantee we are the right match for you. The project must be an excellent fit for both parties.

8. Maintenance Support

We will not leave you blind once the app is implemented. We are happy to run maintenance for you and support any issues even months after the project is successfully deployed.

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